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Repair Kit for your Climbing Shoes


Emergency Repairkit for climbing shoes. The VERTICS.Shoepatch set consists of different black rubber repair patches

1 x 50mm
2 x 30mm
1 x 70x30mm
1 x rubberpad to smooth
2 x sandpaper to roughen the shoe rubber
1 x tube vulcanizer (5g)
1 x instructions for repairing holes and cracks in climbing shoes.

With this set, holes and cracks in soles, edges and other rubber surfaces on your climbing shoes can be mended.

This patching method is not a replacement for new soled climbing shoes with new rubber, it is rather meant the postponement of overdue capping or emergency repair with faulty climbing shoes during a climbing trip.

The rubber patches are connected with vulcanizer from the tube securely and permanently to the shoe rubber. Please refer to the manual for this purpose exactly!

The more exactly the work is done the longer the rubber patch will last on your climbing shoe. Please read product data sheet!


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