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VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay Gear Sets

Matching the VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay holds, we have collected the matching mobile rock placement devices for you. For this we offer cams, nuts and hexentrics from our hardware partner DMM Wales as matching sets for every VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay stone. So you have the right set of belay devices for each stone. Depending on the orientation of each stone on the wall, you can place your gear.

You certainly have enough quickdraws, carabiners, tape loops and cords in your climbing equipment.

An exercise route with VERTICS.Rockmoves climbing holds sets and VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay holds can be changed over and over again by turning the VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay holds. Thus, you must always find the right gear and placement under the material on the harness and safely bring it in. This trains material management on the harness and improves the ability to instantly find and place the right gear.

VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay Gear Sets can only be ordered in conjunction with the respective VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay holds. Unfortunately, Gear Sets from DMM Wales are not available separately here. (Exception for already purchased VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay Holds)

Product variations
Crossover Keile
Sets: Crossover Keile
75.00 € / set(s) *
Crossover Friends
Sets: Crossover Friends
229.00 € / set(s) *
Sets: Pferchfeldfelsen
112.50 € / set(s) *
Sets: Asselstein
115.50 € / set(s) *
Monte Cucco
Sets: Monte Cucco
20.95 € *
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VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay Gear CO Cams VERTICS.Rockmoves Belay Gear CO Cams
(Sets: Crossover Friends)
229.00 € / set(s) *
Delivery weight: 300 g
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