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VERTICS.Calfs are compression cuffs for the calfs. They are used for improving blood flow in the calfs. This causes more enduranceless calf pump and faster regeneration.


VERTICS.Calfs are crafted in two different knitting models with different properties of compression. That way, an ideal course of compression is assured. The cuffs are double-knitted inside on hock and knee and the seam is comfortably outfitted to avoid pressure marks. The course of compression diminishes from the hock to the knee, in direction of the pump towards the heart.

The development of the compression cuffs was effected with our partner who decrees long-time expert knowledge with compression products in the medical, orthopedic and sports field. The technical conduction and arrangement of the course of compression and the properties of compression are essential for the effectiveness.


The know-how gained over the last few years with our VERTICS.Sleeves, the forearm muscle compression sleeves, has also been incorporated into the development of our calf cuffs.

  • Seam area 3 cm
  • Seamless knitting technique
  • Compression diminishing towards the heard
  • Environment and allergy friendly materials
  • Two different compression fields through knitting structure “Ripp” and “Piqué”
  • 75% Polyamide, 25% Elasthane
  • Latex free
  • Washable 40°
  • 100% Made in Germany!
  • Attention! Colors may be a little different

One set of VERTICS.Calfs consists of two compression cuffs with two different designs. Relating to your size, choose the volume of your calf, measured on the thickest spot.


Any questions about the sizes? Read our blog entry here!

Wearing notes:
You can wear your VERTICS.Calfs shortly before doing sports, while doing sports and after doing sports. Keep wearing your VERTICS.Calfs for 2-3 hours after sports and also the next day once again 2-3 hours to support the recovery! Don´t wear the cuffs when you sleep.

Attention to cleaning instructions:
Please wash your Sleeves before first usage and depending on pollution inside out with manual wash or machine wash at 40 degrees centigrade. After washing pull in shape. Don´t dry over the heating or in laundry dryer. So you keep the VERTICS.Calfs longer and they stay a long time elastic.


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